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World Mental Health Day
Woman meditating for World Mental Health Day 2021


World Mental Health Day - 10th October 2021

 In honour of world mental health day, please remember those who are suffering. Let’s also celebrate those who are surviving and thriving each day!

Not everyone has a mental illness, but everyone has mental health. We must always remember to take good care of it, here are four ways to improve your mental health.


 Writing down your thoughts and feelings is an excellent way to reduce negative mindsets and frustrations. Even if you cannot get the words down onto a piece of paper, scribbling or drawing is even effective. You may want to describe your day and write down what’s bothering you or create a list of things you are grateful for. Even something as simple as picking one word that you want to focus on going forward that will help you, for example, patience. Writing down your jumbled thoughts will help to relieve your stress and anxieties, giving your mind room to think and relax.


  Self-care is about taking time out to do the things you love. Spend your time relaxing, pampering yourself, painting or simply just watching your favourite film. A spa day is a perfect way to recharge your mind and body and take some time out. Your physical health has a huge and direct impact on your mental health. Daily exercise, eating healthy and drinking plenty of water are habits that everyone should try and keep up with, although the occasional cheat meal is nothing to be ashamed of! Being in the outdoors is also a highly effective way of keeping anxiety to a minimum, nature and sunlight are both known to boost levels of serotonin in your body, also known as the ‘happy hormone’.


  Don’t feel isolated and alone, FaceTime a friend or family member that you haven’t caught up with in a while. Going out for a coffee or a short walk with a friend is also a great way to boost your mental health, it will take your mind off things even just briefly and social interaction is an amazing way to reduce stress. Make a habit of seeing someone a couple of times a week, for dinner or a jog, keeping yourself busy and your mind happy. Paying someone a compliment also has huge benefits, making someone else feel good often makes you feel better yourself.

Log off

 Finally, putting down your phone and having a break from your socials is highly valuable and necessary. Reduce your screen time and be mindful of your media consumption. Instead of your phone, reach for a book or listen to music, try and rely on something else for entertainment. Disconnect yourself from the outside world and focus on yourself. Try not to go on your phone at least an hour before you go to sleep to help you shut off and have earlier more restful nights.

What can Casa Spa do for your mental health?

As well as having many physical benefits, the Hammam is a treatment that also has its emotional benefits, it is the perfect way to escape any stressors in your life. Whether it be for an individual trip to give your body and mind that well-deserved time out, or a day with loved ones to enjoy spending quality time together, Casa Spa is here to accommodate you.

The Hammam allows you to go to a place of deep relaxation. The intense steam and heat are invaluable for reducing stress and anxiety, and our massages will help you to ease tension and increase energy and alertness. The scents in the essential oils used help to relax the entire nervous system, which stimulates the body, improving mental sluggishness and reducing exhaustion.


Call 0207 724 2030 or visit https://casaspa.co.uk/ for details.