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What to do when you’re feeling drained


What to do when you’re feeling drained.

As the dark nights get earlier, and the air gets cooler, it can result in us feeling drained and fatigued. This lack of energy is often down to the disruption to your body’s internal clock, and a drop in Serotonin production (a mood hormone) and Melatonin production (a sleep hormone). Your exhaustion might be too much to manage your daily affairs or face challenges at work. This lack of energy, reduction in motivation, and poor sleep might be a sign that you have burned out. At Casa Spa, we are here to help to restore your energy and help you to feel more balanced and revitalised.

Steps to help you deal with this feeling can firstly be, to identify the main trigger. Is it your job, are you stressed or going through trauma? Once you have identified the stressor it can be much easier to help you try and treat the feeling of being drained. The usual things that can help anyone feel their best self are to eat healthily, do exercise, limit drinking, talk to someone and increase your sleep.

It’s important to acknowledge that you just don’t have it today, allow yourself to take a break, and give yourself some love. Ask yourself, what do you feel like doing? It might be nothing, it could be taking a long walk, or even binging your favorite Netflix show. Even with your limited energy, taking small steps, whatever the capacity is so beneficial to nourishing yourself.

How can we help?

Though a massage does not directly increase your energy, it can help to reduce fatigue. It decreases symptoms that lower your energy and make you feel sluggish. The Hammam and massage therapy have been shown to increase blood circulation, reduce stress, pain, and depression, and improve sleep and immunity, leading to better well-being, higher energy, and less fatigue.

We have a variety of packages, if you need alone time, we have options for one. If you want to spend time with a loved one, we have packages for two, or if you need some time with the girls, we have group options. Wind down at Casa Spa and turn that drained feeling into relaxation at its finest. Our therapists will take care of you and give you a day of complete leisure.

Escape Package Spa Day

Includes: Hammam & application of Organic Black Soap infused with Argan Oil • Full Body Scrub with Kessa mitt • Full Body Mud Mask • Morrocan Face Mask infused with roses • Deep Conditioning Honey Hair Mask • 30 minutes Holistic Massage • Followed by shower, relaxation, & Moroccan tea – All in all, this is the perfect all rounder package to fully escape any stresses and provide much appreciated self care.