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What is the Difference Between a Turkish Hammam and a Moroccan Hammam?
difference between the Turkish and Moroccan Hammam



The Turkish hammam and Moroccan hammam are similar in that they are both traditional bathhouses that are used for relaxation, cleansing, and socializing. However, there are some key differences between the two. The Turkish hammam is typically more extravagant, with a larger and more ornate interior, and often features things like marble floors and walls. They are usually found in larger cities. Moroccan hammams are typically smaller, more traditional, and cosy and are often found in smaller towns and rural areas, they can be difficult to find in large cities.

In a traditional Turkish hammam, bathers are separated by gender, while in a Moroccan hammam, men and women bathe together. However, Casa spa is a women’s only spa which is how they used to be in the past.

In general, the Turkish hammam is seen as being more about leisure, while the Moroccan hammam is more authentic. Both offer a unique and memorable spa experience. One reason why someone might prefer a Moroccan hammam over a Turkish one, however, is because the Moroccan hammam is more focused on the traditional ritual of cleaning, which some people find more satisfying and rejuvenating.

Another reason is that the experience of a Moroccan hammam is thought to be more intense than a Turkish hammam. It is based on the ritual of cleansing and exfoliation, with a black olive soap and a kessa (scrubbing mitt) which is a more physical experience, that some people might find to be more invigorating. Turkish hammams don’t usually offer such services.

Moroccan hammams are often less expensive than Turkish hammams, making the experience not only decadent but affordable. Ultimately, it is a matter of personal preference and what you are looking for in a spa experience. Both Turkish and Moroccan hammams are unique and offer a memorable experience.

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