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What can’t a Hammam do?


What can't a Hammam do?

The Process of a Hammam

The Hammam is a treatment that your body will thank you for. Not only is the experience one to remember, but along with it comes a multitude of benefits.

 Let’s start with the process of a Hammam, you’ll begin in a dry, heat-filled room. Here, your body will adjust to the heat, your pores will open, and the sweat will remove the impurities from your body.  You will then be lathered in black soap and your body will be buffed with a Kessa mitt. After being rinsed and dried you will be taken to a cooler resting room, where you can rehydrate with a refreshing Moroccan tea.

The Benefits of Hammam

Provides a Physical Detox

 The Hammam allows us to go to a place of deep relaxation. The intense steam and heat reduce stress and anxiety. Alongside this, the massage will help you to ease tension and increase energy and alertness. The scents in the essential oils used help to relax the entire nervous system, which stimulates the body, improving mental sluggishness and reducing exhaustion.

Rehydrates and Nourishes the Skin

 This Moroccan bath replenishes us with vitamins and minerals which results in intensely hydrated and nourished skin. The products used, for example, Ghassoul clay, allow the detoxing to take effect with unique absorption and extraction properties. The skin will feel firmer and more toned without a drying effect.

Helps with Acne Sufferers

 This treatment benefits ailments such as Acne, Psoriasis, Eczema. The heat unclogs pores and eliminates toxins from the skin. The experience for acne sufferers is unmatched as it also regulates skin oil secretions which not only prevent acne but help scars and rosacea. Essential oils provide antiseptic properties which can heal the acne that has broken out and lead to healthier skin in the future.

Has Beautifying Properties

 Using a Kessa mitt, dead skin and unwanted bacteria are removed in firm exfoliation. This will again clear pores whilst also giving the skin a healthy glow. The Hammam has also been known to have anti-aging properties. The steamy environment improves the elasticity of the skin making it appear youthful and restored.

Increases Quality of Sleep

 The ritual consists of body and mind cleansing, it is difficult to find a treatment more relaxing and pampering. Thanks to all the stress reduction, you will feel mentally restored and balanced, making the sleep after a Hammam, the best night’s sleep of your life. Similarly, the use of essential oils can have a profound effect on our sleep.

Reduces Muscle Tension

 The massage involved in the Hammam soothes muscle aches and pains, rheumatism, and inflammation. This along with the hot steam is transformative to your body, restoring muscles and eliminating tension. It allows the muscles and organs to breathe better, and in turn, increases the organs’ elasticity. Arthritis sufferers have also been known to benefit from Hammam, relieving their pain through relaxation.

Benefits Respiratory Health

 Respiratory health is also improved in Hammam, it can be a key to healthy lungs. The oils used offer anti-inflammatory and decongesting properties. Similarly, steam adds warmth and moisture into the air, which helps to loosen mucus inside the airways and lungs. This then enables deep, relaxed breathing, making you feel refreshed.

Boosts Immune System

Hammam has also been known for boosting our immune systems, to learn more about this see our previous blog.

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We visited casa spa as a girly day out...We loved the hamam experience and the scrub. The massage was absolutely amazing and we felt very relaxed and rejuvenated. The ambience was very peaceful. The relaxation room was comfortable and well lit for the perfect mood.
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What a fantastic experience from start to finish! … We didn't have to do a thing... Just pampered from head to toe. The ladies were so friendly and had a good laugh with them. …Absolute 10 out of 10 experience and will most certainly be revisiting!
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Fantastic experience. Feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Staff were lovely and accommodating. Facilities were great too. You feel completely transported, almost as if you were abroad 😍

Our Hammam

Alongside our traditional Hammam, we provide a variety of treatments that will leave you and your skin feeling better than ever. From full body Ghassoul mud masks, that are packed full of minerals to Moroccan face masks infused with roses, we have everything you need to escape any stresses and provide that much-needed self-care. We offer the ultimate spa packages to bring synchronization and harmony to the inner self. As well as individual treatments we offer group packages and packages for two people. Making the best gift for an indulgent day out or a time to enjoy with loved ones. Massages, hair masks, and even infrared treatments, there is something for every woman. All followed by a shower, relaxation, and Moroccan tea.


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