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Taking a trip to Morocco and indulging in the traditional hammam experience is a dream for many travellers. However, if you find yourself in London during wedding season, fear not, for Casa Spa offers an authentic Moroccan hammam right in the heart of the city.

Immerse yourself in the opulent ambience and age-old rituals of a ladies-only hammam at Casa Spa. Prepare to be pampered like a queen during wedding season.

A Moroccan Oasis in London

Casa Spa is a luxurious retreat tucked away in the vibrant city of London. This hidden gem captures the essence of Moroccan culture, allowing you to escape the bustling streets and immerse yourself in an oasis of tranquillity. The spa offers an exclusive ladies-only environment, ensuring privacy and comfort for women seeking a rejuvenating experience during the wedding season.

An Authentic Experience

As you step into Casa Spa, you’ll be captivated by the intricate Moroccan decor that adorns the premises. Rich colours, ornate tiles, and plush furnishings create an ambience reminiscent of a Moroccan Hammam bath. The traditional Moroccan lanterns cast a warm and inviting glow, transporting you to the enchanting world of Marrakech.

The Hammam Ritual

Begin your journey by stepping into the steam room, where the gentle heat and aromatic scents envelop you, preparing your body and mind for the luxurious treatments that lie ahead. The steam opens up your pores and primes your skin for the exfoliation process.

Traditional Moroccan Treatments

At Casa Spa, experienced therapists will guide you through the authentic Moroccan treatments that have been passed down through generations. You’ll experience the application of traditional black soap, a natural cleansing agent enriched with olive oil, as it is gently massaged onto your skin. A kessa mitt is then used to exfoliate and rejuvenate your body, leaving your skin silky smooth.

A Soothing Massage

If you feel like it, following the exfoliation, you can experience a soothing massage. Our skilled therapists at Casa Spa employ ancient Moroccan techniques to stimulate blood circulation, release tension, and promote relaxation. Luxuriate in the sensation of warm argan oil being massaged into your body, nourishing your skin and leaving it glowing with radiance.

Moroccan-Inspired Tranquillity

After your hammam session, take time to unwind and embrace the Moroccan-inspired tranquillity that Casa Spa offers. Relax in the sumptuous lounging area, enveloped in soft cushions and draped fabrics, while savouring a cup of traditional Moroccan mint tea. Allow yourself to bask in the blissful atmosphere, rejuvenated and refreshed.

Hen Package

  • Full Body Purus Mud Mask
  • Honey hair Mask
  • 20 minutes full body massage
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A visit to Casa Spa in London during the wedding season allows you to experience the opulence and serenity of a traditional Moroccan hammam without leaving the city. Indulge in the authentic rituals, immerse yourself in Moroccan elegance, and emerge from Casa Spa feeling like royalty. Whether you are a bride-to-be or part of a bridal party.