Mother’s Day at Casa Spa

mothers day

Mother’s Day    The 27th March is a day to celebrate the women who dedicate their lives to loving, raising, and protecting us. Being a mother requires a huge amount of sacrifice and is most definitely one of the most difficult and selfless jobs to have. At Casa Spa, we want to celebrate women and mothers […]

International Women’s Day – Casa Spa

International Women's Day

International Women’s Day    As International Women’s Day is fast approaching, Casa Spa would like to welcome you to experience one of our many ladies-only packages. For groups, solo trips, or pairs we would love to accommodate you and celebrate you.    International women’s day is a time to pay tribute and thank all the […]

What can’t a Hammam do?

What can’t a Hammam do? The Process of a Hammam The Hammam is a treatment that your body will thank you for. Not only is the experience one to remember, but along with it comes a multitude of benefits. Let’s start with the process of a Hammam, you’ll begin in a dry, heat-filled room. Here, […]