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Protect your Skin this Winter


Protect your skin this winter... At Casa Spa

As the autumn nights start to draw in and the temperatures start to drop it is more important than ever to look after your skin. The swift change from sunny days to cold temperatures and icy winds can leave you and your skin feeling out of sorts. Dry, autumnal air draws all the moisture out of the skin resulting in a cracked, flaky complexion. Just one Hammam treatment can instantly make your skin appear smoother by nourishing and hydrating it, making it more elastic and looking rejuvenated, which is vital when Vitamin D can be lacking.

  As well as the obvious dry skin, the lack of moisture can lead to an overproduction of natural oils. When these oils sit on the skin and are mixed with grime and dirt, blemishes form. Along with this and the reduction of UV light, acne may flare up in some people. 

Therefore, it is essential to add the moisture back into your skin and getting plenty of sleep will aid this process. After a Hammam, you will have the best sleep of your life due to its ability to help you go to a place of deep relaxation.

  We tend to spend a lot more time inside during the cooler months and the indoor heat and central heating can lead to flare-ups in certain skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Similarly, due to the large number of layers we wear in winter, our skin can find it difficult to breathe, causing dead skin to build up on its surface. Above any other beauty treatment in the colder months, moisturising and hydrating your skin is the most important. Although they feel good in winter, hot showers strip your skin of important oils. Luckily, Hammam treatments will replenish your skin, the steam allows your pores to open, regulates skin oil secretions and allows essential oils to penetrate the skin.

  Not only are spas good for your skin, but they can also really uplift your mood and bring you out of those winter blues. They allow you to unwind and have a day where it is all about you. The dark mornings and nights can have a heavy effect on your mood making it a difficult time of year. What better way than being pampered head to toe? The spa staff are not only experts, but they can help to uplift you also. Putting you at ease and moving you seamlessly through the Hammam process allows you to completely relax and get everything out of the experience.

  Specific winter weather such as snowfall can be very dangerous for your skin, ice can cause harmful UVB rays to bounce on the surface of the skin more than once which can damage the skin cells, causing premature ageing or even skin cancer. Argan oil is used by Moroccan women and in Hammam Spas to protect the skin from this type of sun damage. The wind also strips the natural barrier of the skin of vital water weakening it and causing sensitive, red, and irritated skin. Things which can also be avoided with the use of Hammam products like rose water and cocoa.

 Dry and dull skin does not have to be an inevitable part of the cooler months. At Casa Spa we offer affordable, tailored Hammams to restore you and your skin. We promise that the rates offered on our website are the lowest anywhere available online, guaranteed. Our authentic Moroccan Hammam, complete with full-body revitalising scrub-downs will give you that summer glow, in winter.

I visited Casa Spa yesterday, and did not want to leave! The staff are so lovely, the prices are really reasonable. My skin feels amazing today. I will definitely go again even though im an hour and half away. Thanks all for the relaxing pamper.


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