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International Women’s Day – Casa Spa
International Women's Day


International Women's Day

   As International Women’s Day is fast approaching. Casa Spa would like to welcome you to experience one of our many ladies-only packages. For groups, solo trips, or pairs we would love to accommodate you and celebrate you.

   International women’s day is a time to pay tribute and thank all the ladies in your life who play diverse roles. Whether that be your mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, colleague or just someone you look up to. There is no better opportunity to show your appreciation than on this special day. 

   March 8th is a day to encourage the empowerment of women. Promoting gender equality in all fields and sectors, standards of living and attitudes towards them. Breaking down illogical societal rules and giving women equal opportunities. This allows women to grow and legitimize themselves in every way possible. It is so important to make them aware that she is as essential to the world as any man.

   Every woman deserves honour and respect. For so long, women have been judged for their appearance and told what to do. Their dreams are ignored or not considered as important as men’s. Women have been silenced when talking about their qualities and potential, whilst simultaneously sacrificing their personal choices to start families.

   Unfortunately, there is still a large portion of the world where women readily accept that men are superior to them. Empowering all women enables them to increase their self-reliance, and creates the capacity to resist discrimination inflicted by our male-dominated society. Increasing women’s control over philosophies, assets, and resources.

   Whether you want to enjoy the day with friends, alone as an independent woman, or show your appreciation to a loved one in your life, Casa Spa offers the most indulgent of experiences at the best prices. Guaranteed. Every lady deserves a pamper every so often, and a spa day is the best gift to express your love for the superwomen in your life.

Ladies Retreat Spa Day

Our ladies only Hammam will bring synchronisation and harmony to your inner self. Stress and anxiety levels will plummet, the experience will help you to ease any tension, improving mental sluggishness and reducing exhaustion.