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CASA SPA - Traditional Moroccan Hammam Spa Day

Hammam & application of Organic Black Soap infused with Argan Oil • Full Body Scrub with Kessa mitt • Followed by shower, relaxation and Moroccan Tea

The word “Hammam” means, “spreader of warmth”. This refers to the mixture of moist and dry heat used in the Hammam, as well as the social aspect, with it being a traditional Moroccan communal affair. The benefits of a Hammam are invaluable for our minds, bodies, and even our immune systems. They can slow the effects of ageing, help with sleep and muscle tension, aid respiratory health, and help acne sufferers.

The Hammam will begin in a steam-filled room, the heat will open your pores – letting you sweat before lathering the skin with organic soap and leaving to soak for a few minutes. Following this, your skin will be buffed with a Kessa mitt and then rinsed with clean, cool water. After the treatment, you will move to a relaxation room, filled with plush cushions, blankets, and traditional decorations. Here, you can rehydrate with a traditional Moroccan green tea or cold water, or just sleep and enjoy the peace and quiet.

Moroccan black soap is a high-alkaline soap made from olive oil and macerated olives, it has an abundance of moisturising and exfoliating properties. When used simultaneously with the Kessa Mitt, it removes all unwanted dead skin and toxins, leaving the skin feeling smooth and looking radiant. It is highly valued for its gentle but powerful cleansing effect and similarly, it is plant-based so is extremely popular with users of organic and vegan cosmetics. Argan Oil, which is infused in our black soap, is incredibly rich in nutrients, such as fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamin E, and squalene, all of which form a powerful combination to boost the health of our skin.

Casa Spa offers a wide range of newly refurbished facilities of a traditional Hammam, all designed to help you make the most of your experience. We offer tailored and signature traditional Hammam rituals to relax, revive, re-energise, and restore balance. We promise that the rates offered on our website are the lowest available anywhere online, guaranteed. Book your traditional Hammam today for one of the most indulgent experiences you will ever have.


Please book in advance – 100% women only spa.

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