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Hammam for immune health

Simple and Effective ways of Boosting your Immune System.

The impact of Covid-19 has made people largely aware of their immune systems and the importance of boosting them. There are a large variety of simple things that can be done. Getting enough sleep is key, as well as eating well and taking part in physical exercise. Similarly, staying hydrated and spending time outside all contribute to having strong immune health.

Improving your emotional health is often a forgotten entity. Keeping stress levels to a minimum and staying socially engaged are vital ways of improving your physical and mental health. Letting yourself relax and have fun is proven to boost your immune system in countless ways, and the best part… it’s easy!

Hammam as an Immune Booster.

As well as the beautifully smooth and nourished skin that a Hammam treatment gives you, it has been proven that it is itself an immune booster. The word “Hammam” means, ‘spreader of warmth’. This does not only refer to the mixture of moist and dry heat used in the Hammam, but also the social benefits of meeting with friends, it is very much a traditional Moroccan communal affair.

Traditionally, the Hammam was used in medicine, for the treatment of certain diseases. The Hammam treatment deeply cleanses the skin and due to the heat and steam used, it aids the body to rid itself of toxins.

The benefits of steam are invaluable to contributing to our immune systems. Here are the reasons why:

 Can Improve Circulation
The steam dilates blood vessels and moves the blood towards the skin's surface, significantly improving your cardiovascular health.
Lowers Blood Pressure
A benefit of increased circulation is lower blood pressure and thus, a healthier heart. One study found significant decreases in blood pressure after just one single exposure to steam treatments.
Reduces Stress
The Hammam can reduce stress simply through the power of touch. Apart from treating discomforts such as stiff muscles and injured limbs, touch activates our nervous system. This results in a release of endorphins, ‘feel good chemicals’, and a decline in stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline.
Essential Oils and Stress Reduction
The essential oils used in this treatment have also been known to have a vast number of health benefits. The steam magnifies the fragrances of the oils which stimulate our sense of smell and produce a positive effect on the brain, reducing stress and improving mood. Essential oils also have links to a reduction in anxiety and depression.
Exposing our Bodies to Warm Water has been known to Release Cells that Fight Infection!
 Research has shown that elevated body temperature helps certain types of immune cells to work more efficiently. This increase in heat has been found to facilitate cell function. New research has found that the hotter our body temperatures are, the more our bodies speed up a key defense system. All of which in turn, better our immune health.
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More Information on the Hammam Treatment.

The Hammam usually begins in a steam-filled cabin, the heat in the room opens up your pores and lets out your sweat before lathering the skin with organic soap and leaving to soak for a few minutes. Once complete, your skin will be buffed with a Kessa mitt and then rinsed with clean, cool water. After the treatment, you will move to a relaxation room, filled with plush cushions, blankets, and traditional decorations. It is here where you rehydrate with a traditional Moroccan green tea or cold water, or just sleep and enjoy the peace and quiet.

The hot steam, followed by cool water used in the Hammam is what dilates the blood vessels and increases the circulation of blood in your body, research shows that moving between extremities like this is what is most effective for improving circulation. The benefits of this can range from reduced muscle tension, natural painkillers, a reduction in stress and anxiety, and improved sleep. All of which directly benefit the body’s immune system.

Benefits of the Social Side of the Hammam.

Depiction of middle eastern bathing

As well as having many physical benefits, the Hammam is a treatment that also has its emotional benefits, both of which are essential for aiding our immune health. One of the main characteristics of a Hammam is that it is a place for social gatherings. It is an opportunity to spend time with family and friends in a unique context. Without the distractions and interruptions of our everyday lives.

Gatherings in relaxed settings are advantageous as they allow you to have more meaningful interactions with people. The atmosphere puts you at ease and there is no pressure of engaging in intense conversation. This is highly important because social interaction is an aid for our immune system as it keeps stress levels low.

What to take from this?

Now that ‘normal’ life is beginning to get back on track, you mustn’t speed up too quickly and listen to your body. We don’t want to become exhausted or run down as this is exactly the kind of behaviour that attacks our immune system. It is okay to say no to plans and free up our time for ourselves. It is imperative that you leave enough time aside every day to focus on self-care.

Our Moroccan-inspired traditional Hammam is the perfect way to escape any stressors in your life. Whether it be for an individual trip to give your body that well-deserved time out, or a day with loved ones to enjoy spending quality time together. We can accommodate up to eight women at once in our Hammam, giving it that real sense of community that is so highly valued in Moroccan culture. We promise that you will leave our spa feeling refreshed and relaxed, both in your body and mind, keeping yourself happy and your immune system healthy in these troubling times.


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