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Why a Girly Trip to the Spa is the Best Group Experience.
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Why a Girly Trip to the Spa is the Best Group Experience.

 Organizing a group event or party can be a lot of pressure. Deciding where to go, how to accommodate everyone, and managing the RSVPs can become a lot more hassle than it’s worth. Especially if you’re not a natural party planner. Going out for drinks for birthdays, or standard office parties can become mundane and repetitive, changing it up for once will have people excited for the event, meaning they are more likely to make the effort and enjoy themselves.

 Trips to escape rooms or group gym classes are becoming more and more common for group occasions however, these are most definitely not for everyone. Very few people think to organize a group trip to the spa, something which nobody can say turn down! At Casa Spa, we encourage it. We have specific packages tailored for groups, and we can adjust to individual needs. We have two Hammams, each of which can accommodate up to eight people, and on our website, we offer the lowest prices available anywhere, guaranteed, meaning you don’t have to worry about spending an arm and a leg!

Corporate Christmas Parties

 What better way to bond with your co-workers than in a Hammam? Take away the anxiety of work and socialize without the stress. Hammams are a traditional Moroccan social event, where everyone can unwind together. This will remove you from your usual setting and completely transform your mood. Allowing you and your teammates to get to know each other in a non-professional setting can benefit how you work together when you return to the office.

 It is also the perfect time to go to a spa before or during the Christmas break, allowing the group to de-stress and come back to work feeling revitalized and refreshed. Overworked, tired, and anxious staff will not allow a business to perform at their best, making a Hammam the ideal Christmas party, getting staff feeling positive and ready for a new year of hard work.

Hen Parties

 Wild Hen parties are not for every bride, going crazy and having a ‘last night of freedom’ may not appeal to you. Getting married is a daunting experience as you move from one stage of your life to another. A Hammam can be a place of relaxation where you can reflect on your life before you become a married woman, a time to spend with your closest friends and families as you start your new life with your partner.

 A Hammam will not only give you this opportunity for nostalgia but also allow your skin to be prepped and preened for your special day. It will give you and your bridesmaids that glow from within, your skin will feel youthful and look refreshed. The application of makeup will be smoother, and you will feel refreshed within yourself. A spa day will also be able to accommodate your mother and grandma, so if you did want to head out afterward, you have an excuse for excluding them for the shenanigans that will take place later in the evening, making it the perfect event for your hen party.


 Whether you choose to throw a Spa party for yourself or surprise a friend on her special day you’ll enjoy some indulgent quality time together. This is an extremely memorable way to spend your birthday by doing something different than the usual lunch or night out! There isn’t a treatment more relaxing than the Hammam and it will leave yourself and your friends feeling refreshed and pampered. 

 Your day should be about you, so getting that boost of energy through the spa will have you feeling your best self. We offer an after-shopping group package meaning you can literally shop until you drop! Treat yourself not only to retail therapy but to mind and body rejuvenation with your nearest and dearest.

 Casa Spa is located on Edgeware Road, an excellent area surrounded by bars, shops, and the beautiful Hyde Park. You may want to round off your spa day with a meal in one of the local Moroccan restaurants or with a cycle around Kensington gardens or even a trip to London Zoo! Making your girly day out, regardless of what is being celebrated, one to remember.

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