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   Take a look at our health and wellness blog. Looking good and feeling good tend to be things that go hand in hand. Although Casa Spa can make you feel and look amazing, our blog has tips on how to make you feel good from within!

Escape Package

  Escape the stresses and busyness of day-to-day life with this package. Your body will experience relaxation and rejuvenation like never before. It is difficult to find a treatment more relaxing and pampering. You will feel mentally restored and balanced, making the sleep after a Hammam, the best night’s sleep of your life.

Exotic Rural Package

   Our Exotic Rural Package will benefit you in ways you didn’t realise a spa treatment could. From the moment you step foot through our doors, you will feel as though you have escaped the busy city life, entering a space of tranquillity and luxury.

After Shopping Package

   Shopping can be a form of cardio in itself. Walking from store to store, trying clothes on, carrying the bags around with you. It’s safe to say after a full morning of shopping, a full afternoon of relaxation and recuperation is completely necessary. At Casa Spa, we offer an after-shopping group package meaning you can shop until you drop!

Hen Package

    A Hammam will not only give you an opportunity for nostalgia before your wedding but also allow your skin to be prepped and preened for your special day. It will give you and your bridesmaids that glow from within, and your skin will feel youthful and look refreshed.

Arabian Hammam Experience

   Sensitive skin is defined by dermatologists as skin reactions such as skin bumps, erosion, or skin pustules. The Hammam replenishes your skin with vitamins and minerals resulting in it feeling intensely hydrated and nourished, avoiding any unwanted nasty reactions.

Ladies Retreat Package

   Our ladies-only Hammam will bring synchronisation and harmony to your inner self. Stress and anxiety levels will plummet, and the experience will help you to ease any tension, improving mental sluggishness and reducing exhaustion.

Winter Pampering Package

   Above any other beauty treatment in the colder months, moisturising and hydrating your skin is the most important. Our Winter Pamper Package will replenish your skin, the steam allows your pores to open, regulates skin oil secretions and allows essential oils to penetrate the skin. 

Traditional Moroccan Hammam

   The word “Hammam” means, “spreader of warmth”. This refers to the mixture of moist and dry heat used in the Hammam, as well as the social aspect, with it being a traditional Moroccan communal affair. The benefits of a Hammam are invaluable for our minds, bodies, and even our immune systems. 

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Our Facilities

   Casa Spa offers a wide range of newly refurbished facilities of a traditional Hammam, all designed to help you make the most of your experience…

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