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A Christmas Gift Guide for Spa Lovers


A Christmas Gift Guide for Spa/ Self-Care Lovers

  Christmas can be a time of immense pressure. Getting everyone a gift that is meaningful and inexpensive, whilst under a time crunch can put a downer on the festive season. We have put together a perfect list of Christmas gifts perfect for a lady in your life who loves all things spa and self-care. It is also the perfect guide to give someone who can’t relax, a hint that they should take a break. If you’re in need of thoughtful and useful gifts, keep reading! 

Gift voucher

  It may seem obvious, but nobody can be disappointed with a pre-paid visit to the spa. A full body exfoliation, facial or massage, is enough to show anyone you appreciate them. After receiving this gift, they will most definitely appreciate you too!

  Our Gift Vouchers are free to use on any service at the spa with no restrictions, and from as little as £10! If you are looking for a more specific gift voucher, or to have the value of the voucher assigned to a particular package, please email us with details once you have your Paypal receipt.


  Scented candles are a great and luxurious-feel gift. Lavender, Cedarwood, Bergamot and Eucalyptus can mentally transform anyone into an olfactory spa adventure. Candles don’t need to be from high end brands to be high quality either, making them a great gifts on a budget. 

ladies only
Towelling robe

  As all spa lovers know, an at home self-care evening is not complete without the uniform. Linen Pyjamas or a towelled robe would go down a treat. It gives the spa-hotel feel in the comfort of your own home. 

Essential oils

  Essential oils are an indulgent gift and have been known to have a vast number of health benefits. They stimulate our sense of smell and produce a positive effect on the brain, reducing stress and improving mood. In the spa, we use Argan Oil, which is incredibly rich in nutrients. A great gift to help a loved one ease into a state of relaxation this Christmas!

Group package

   We offer group packages that allow you to share the special Christmas season with a friend, family member or significant other. Rather than just treating one person, you can kill 2 or 3 or 4(+) birds with one stone!

  For example, a ‘mum-and-me’ or ‘time-for-two’ package that allows you to enjoy some quality time together in a relaxing environment. A fantastic last-minute Christmas gift.

Self-care books

  There a host of self-love books available nowadays. Whether it’s a cook book filled with nourishing recipes. A book of mindfulness, or ‘self help’, this gift shows the recipient you truly care for them. 

Take a look at our packages for groups

  We do have specific group packages but most of our packages can be adapted for 5 to 6 people. If you see anything you like and have any further questions, please let us know.

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