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5 New Year’s Resolutions: Self-Love Edition


5 New Year’s Resolutions: Self-Love Edition

Embrace effortless beauty in the New Year! Simple hair care tips like investing in a silk pillowcase and regular trims keep your locks healthy. Combine sunscreen with moisturiser for skincare ease, while weekly exfoliation revitalises your glow. Fuel your radiance by incorporating nuts, seeds, and colorful veggies into your diet. Prioritise sleep for a natural glow and reduce stress with self-care routines. Thank you for your support in 2023! Here’s to a beautiful 2024 at Casa Spa. See you next year! Love from Casa Spa X

Take care of your hair

     We often neglect our hair care when it is super easy and takes very little time to stay on top of it. Investing in a silk pillowcase, for example, is a one-time purchase that will prevent your hair from snapping as you move around in your sleep. It will allow your hair to slide around without breaking, especially if you have fine or coloured hair. Getting regular trims in 2024 should also become a habit. You should aim for a routine appointment every 10-12 weeks to keep your ends looking tidy and healthy. Finally, keep your hair moisturised, wash it less or try to deep-condition it every week, this will work wonders for keeping it looking shiny and glowing.

Easy skincare steps

     Achieving the perfect skincare routine can often be a hassle and extremely time-consuming and expensive, however, these easy tips will make you want to stick to your resolutions. Wearing sun cream daily can be combined with moisturising, adding in no extra time at all. Even the smallest UV rays can damage your skin and create fine lines, so adding this into your daily routine will help your skin stay more youthful-looking long term. Along with this, you should exfoliate weekly, massaging an exfoliator into your skin will help your circulation and give you that glowing complexion without having to use multiple different products.

Eat your greens

     Have you ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat”? Nutrition is so important for your organs, and your biggest organ is your skin. Incorporating certain foods into your diet will have a huge impact on the way your skin looks. Any nuts and seeds are generally great for your skin due to their antioxidant properties.

Similarly, any vegetables with a red/orange/yellow colour are a great source of vitamin C and collagen, for example, tomatoes and peppers. So, adding these into your five-a-day is an easy and tasty resolution to keep up!

Finally, if you needed one more reason to eat chocolate in the new year, the effects of cocoa are thicker, and more hydrated skin. Choosing a high percentage dark chocolate can make huge improvements to the appearance of your skin… all in proportion of course!

Invest in your sleep

     Getting 6-8 hours of sleep is vital for your beauty regime. Sleep acts as a natural moisturiser and prevents those dreaded eye bags. Not only will it benefit your skin, but your overall health and mood. This acts as a domino effect as if you’re in a better mood that radiates in your appearance, so it’s time to channel your inner sleeping beauty! Instead of binge-watching that extra episode of your favourite programme, get in another hour of sleep and see how it can transform your appearance and how you feel within.

Stress Less

     Stress ages you inside and out, and often we stress over things that we cannot control, or worse, we stress over things that haven’t even happened yet! Pencilling in some time out for yourself will help to avoid this, for example, doing daily exercise, taking part in meditation or even a shopping date with yourself can help to minimise the effects of stress and reduce stress in general. Being aware of how you are feeling and what your body needs is truly the most important New Year’s Resolution we can recommend.

     We would also like to take this time to thank all our wonderful customers over 2023, it has been a year of uncertainty and we appreciate all your support and custom. We can’t wait to see what next year brings. See you in 2024! Love from Casa Spa X.