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    It’s safe to say this summer’s beauty trends are seeing significant changes from previous years. This could mostly be due to the pandemic, and mixtures of being used to staying inside but also the excitement of being ‘out’, and able to express yourself once again to the rest of the world. Adjusting your skincare and beauty regimes to the seasons is a natural shift. We at Casa Spa have collated what we think are the most important trends for summer 2022.


   The ‘clean’ aesthetic is having a major moment this spring. The no-makeup-makeup look is huge, which we can largely thank covid for. This is due to being used to lounging around the house makeup-less, more often than not. The idea of redefined masculinity and aesthetic inclusivity goes hand in hand with this trend. Having a bare face, slick back hair and bushy eyebrows are all under this ‘minimalist’ category. Clear skin is something we all desire, especially when it is on-trend. Our Hammam spa can help acne sufferers, we use black soap The application of the soap eliminates all impurities, and its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties make it an excellent choice for people with blemish and acne-prone skin.


   As a result of clear, youthful skin being so appealing this year, people have been much more drawn to skincare. Spending more on skincare has become the norm, and the idea of damage control over damage repair is massively on people’s minds. SPF is therefore having a huge moment. Our Hammam and application of Organic Black Soap infused with Argan Oil has benefits like SPF. Argan oil penetrates the skin and activates the production of natural fats to protect the skin’s barrier and along with this comes a host of advantages. Moroccan women use it to protect their skin from sun damage.

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   Although natural, and glowing skin is extremely popular, this does not extend to the rest of the face. Bright, glossy lips, colourful cheeks and bold, geometric eyes are having a huge moment. This is probably due to the eyes being the only part of the face not covered when wearing a mask. On the other hand, after two years of being covered by a mask, people are making their lips look bigger and bolder than ever. This is influenced by the ‘Y2K’ aesthetic, largely brought about again due to the rise of Tik-Tok and TV shows such as Euphoria.


   Also, in line with the early 2000’s trend, textures are extremely fashionable right now. Velvets, metallics, and satins are taking over the fashion industry and this also goes for skin. Shimmery, glittering skin is going to be one of the most loved beauty trends this summer. Subtle or chunky, we will be seeing it at festivals, on beaches, and with every summer outfit. Pearly sheens on your skin can be achieved not only by body shimmer lotions but starting by taking care of your skin. Using a Kessa mitt, dead skin and unwanted bacteria are removed in firm exfoliation in our Hammam. This will clear your pores whilst also giving the skin a healthy glow.